Pictures from the past in St. Louis sports…
Monday November 30th 2020

Bob Gibson

Bob Gibson  shows the form that helped him win three games in the 1967 World Series…he allowed only three total earned runs in those three complete games, beat the Red Sox in the decisive game seven, hit a homer in game seven, and of course, walked away with MVP honors. Here he unloads on that glorious October day in ’67 the Cardinals became baseball’s World Champions!!

and how much better in what became known as the Year of the Pitcher…1968…

1967 / 1968 World Series

Still the right field bleachers and still two bucks, but this time it’s for the fourth game of the 1967 World Series…Cards and Red Sox. Bob Gibson goes the distance at Busch and the Cards win by the score of 6-0…Gibson allowed just 5 Boston hits and the Cards go up 3-1 in the Series.

Well, yeah, right field bleachers..same ‘ol two bills, but a different result this time around. It’s game two of the 1968 World Series..the Cardinals vs. the Detroit Tigers and Mickey Lolich. The Red Birds had taken game one with Gibson’s record breaking 17 strikeouts, but in game two Willie Horton, Norm Cash and even the light hitting Lolich slammed home runs and the Tigers tied the series at a game apiece by winning 8-1. Lolich and Detroit that year…well, I’m sure you remember….

1966 All Stars

The new downtown ballpark had only been open two months when the 1966 All-Stars made their way to St. Louis…a blistering hot 101 degree day…and a 10 inning pitching duel between the best of both leagues…won by the National League when Tim McCarver singled home Maury Wills in the bottom of the 10th…a 2-1 NL victory..I sat in the bleachers for all of two dollars…but again, that was about three weeks allowance back then….and worth every penny….

Lou Brock

Just a month after being traded to the Cards from the Cubs, Lou Brock slides home against the New York Mets in the first game of a July 1964 doubleheader at Busch Stadium…1964…the Cardinals…Brock…well, you know how that one played out!


Before the internet….

If back in the 60’s your allowance was a quarter a week, fifty cents or (lucky you) a dollar, chance are you couldn’t spend it fast enough on stuff like this…and if you were like me, after about a week waited for the mailman every day until the goods finally arrived…

Was there any other bat to be used?


O.J. Anderson

In a division game at Busch in 1981, Cards running back O.J. Anderson takes off against the Philadelphia Eagles…

OJ Anderson- Running Back

Jim Brown / Gayle Sayers

Another photo of the great Hall-of-Fame running back Jim Brown…

(ED- Don’t forget that Jim Brown was a movie star as well- here he is in “‘I’m gonna get you sucka!” a role that defined a generation!)

…and when Jim Brown retired in 1965, there was one more to carry one…the elusive Gale Sayers straight out of the University of Kansas…the Kansas Comet…if Brown packed greatness into a short time, Sayers, who idolized him, did so as well… playing in only 68 NFL games, Sayers led the league in rushing several times and showed more than enough from 1965 to his forced retirement due to injuries in 1971 to be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility…

(Ed- I don’t remember “Brian’s Song,” But Gayle Sayers was played by Billy Dee Williams, and Billy Dee Williams is Lando Calrissian, and that’s how I stick a reference to Star Wars in Mike’s website!)

Steve Little

One of the more tragic stories in St. Louis sports history was the saga of the Football Cardinals kicker Steve Little..drafted in the first round out of the University of Arkansas, Little never lived up to his expectations, lasted just over two years with the team and was cut by Jim Hanifan in late October 1980. Vowing to the media to “have a few cold ones first” before heading home, Little later that night slammed his Sport Coupe Mazda into the exit sign at 270 and Ladue Road in St. Louis County. He was paralyzed from the neck down for the remainder of his life and sadly, passed away in Little Rock, Arkansas on Labor Day, September 6th, 1999. He was 43 years old.

Big Red & The Cowboys

In the 70’s it was the Dallas Cowboys who got the Big Red up for every game. Here’s a game day program sheet from 1986…after this game, I was in the locker room saying hi to my brother’s former high school teammate, Kurt Peterson, when I happened to mention I liked the Cowboy’s under-jersey game day tee-shirts with the Dallas Cowboy’s logo. Number 24…Everson Walls…took his off and said “here ya go”…tossed it to me a la the Joe Green Coke commercial… I took it home…washed it first and then wore that shirt working out at the gym for about the next decade…here’s how the Cowboys looked from a distance…..

and more impressive up close…here’s running back Preston Pearson in a photo from training camp 1979…how’d you like to be a D-Back and have someone like him come slammin’ into ya?

Jim Hanifan

Head Coach Jim Hanifan congratulates somebody on the sidelines…and that’s the thing about Jim…when excited, he grabbed players, coaches, refs, even the guys operating the down-chains…it’s the Irish in him!!

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