Pictures from the past in St. Louis sports…
Thursday February 25th 2021

Outta the way!

Probably the greatest trade in St. Louis football history occured when the Rams aquired Marshall Faulk from the Indianapolis Colts in April of 1999. Any Rams fan knows the rest of the story. A Super Bowl winner in his first season in the Gateway City, Faulk spent his years in St. Louis honing the style that would find him elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011.



If you were at the Dome and Isaac caught a pass, I’m sure you can still hear the chant of his name being drawn out by some 65,000 strong!! A future Hall Of Famer, Bruce led the Greatest Show On Turf in pass receptions and touchdowns for three straight seasons. Offense C/O Mike Martz once said of that bunch, “I can make a bad call on the sidelines and they’ll still find a way to make it work.


Pretty maids all in a row

Back then they may have been secretaries, students, even housewives  the rest of the week….but on Sunday these six beauties and several others made up the very first Big Red Line cheerleading squad in the early 1960’s. Any of them look like the girl next door?



Even before his career as a TV Sportscaster, TVG had no problem mugging for the cameras…and proved to be a competitive QB for Bill Bidwill’s team in 1972.


You’re going down, dude!

He wasn’t a Butkus, a Nitschke, or a Huff, but The Big Red’s Chuck Walker more than held his ground as one the the premier middle linebackers in the NFL in the 1960’s. He also had a run at defensive tackle during his 12 year career. Here he puts the hit on Tommy Mason of the Los Angeles Rams in action from 1968.


Larry Wilson-Pass Block Attempt

Big number 8 leaps high in an attempt to knock down a pass from Cowboy’s quarterback Craig Morton in this action shot from November of 1971…a Cardinal’s 16-13 loss to Dallas, which was always tough to take…notice Larry’s autograph in the upper left hand corner…wonder what that’s worth today on E-Bay?


Bobby Joe Conrad

With the old Busch Stadium at Grand and Dodier serving as a background, wide receiver Bobby Joe Conrad of the Big Red was sure-handed for this superimposed publicity shot for the Big Red Game Program in October of 1963.


Jim Bakken


He was Mr. Automatic from anywhere inside the 50 yard line (the goal posts were at the end zone line back then)…Jim Bakken was a four time Pro-bowl selection the the 1960’s..once kicked 7 field goals in one game…and was selected by the Professional Football Hall of Fame voters to the All-Decade team in both the 60’s and 70’s. With over 1,000 points scored, he is the leading scorer in Football Cardinal’s history. Here he boots one against the New York Giants at Yankee Stadium in 1970.



Lawrence Phillips

One of the few shining moments in the Ram’s career of Lawrence Phillips…a game ball from Head Coach Dick Vermeil after the home opener in 1997. It was all downhill after that as Vermeil tried everything he could think of to keep Phillips on the straight path to NFL stardom. By November of that year, the decision to cut Phillips after his refusal to attend team meetings and practices over a dispute with playing time had Vermeil in tears and Phillips on the road which would finally lead to a December 2009 prison sentence of 31 years. For all his ability, he could not outrun his off the field troubles.


Jimmy Hill

The Big Red’s Jimmy Hill plays havoc with future HOF wide receiver Paul Warfield of the Cleveland Browns in this 1962 action at Busch Stadium.


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