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Thursday February 25th 2021

Bob Pettit – 12

It’s the best of the best in the 1964 NBA All-Star game at the Boston Garden….While Cincinnati’s Oscar Robertson walked away with the MVP trophy that year, Pettit was one of the bright spots in the West team’s loss to the East. Here he outhustle’s Wayne Embry and Chet Walker for one of his 17 rebounds in the game…he also poured in 19 points.

Bob Pettit – 13

A classic! This short turnaround hook on a rebounded missed shot by Lennie Wilkens puts Bob Pettit over the 20,000 point mark in a November 1964 contest against the Royals at the Cincinnati Gardens. He becomes the first player in NBA history to achieve the mark and the game was stopped to honor that distinction. Pettit was given a standing ovation by the capacity crowd, most of whom had attended the game in hopes of seeing Bob make basketball history.

Bob Pettit – 14

Returning home two nights later, the Hawks captain was honored before the game at Kiel Auditorium in front of the home fans. Pettit received this gold plated basketball trophy, marking 20,000 career points and insuring his place in the NBA Hall of Fame.

Bob Pettit – 15

Of all the super shots in his arsenal, the one handed jump shot by Big Blue was as close to a sure two points as any Hawk fan could hope for. Here he launches his fabled jumper against the Lakers in a 1961 contest at Kiel.

Bob Pettit – 16

Pettit up and in over rookie Tom Thacker of the Royals in this early January 1964 game before the home crowd.

Bob Pettit – 17

It’s an extra effort that puts two on the boards for the visiting Hawks in the opening game of the 1963 Western Conference NBA finals against the Lakers at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. The Hawks lost that game, and after a valiant struggle, finally fell to the Lakers in seven games. Remember Barney Cable? That’s him heading to the basket.

Bob Pettit – 18

Pettit once said that free throw shooting is mostly relaxing and concentrating. Back then players went to the line a lot more often than today, and Bob’s stategy must have worked…he scored more than 65 hundred points from the stripe over an 11 year career….a percentage of .761………

Bob Pettit – 19

Pettit scores two in one of the greatest comebacks in Hawk’s history…the day after Christmas, 1962…midway through the third quarter, the Lakers had a 26 point lead, but Pettit helped mount a comeback that saw the Hawks carve out a two point victory in front of the fans at Kiel….Merry Christmas everybody!!

Bob Pettit – 20

Detroit Pistons rookie Terry Dishinger fires away at Big Blue in this 1963 contest won by the Hawks. Offensive rebound..Pettit   Foul..Dishinger   Pettit at the line for two….sinks them both…

Bob Pettit – 21


Pettit goes for the reverse layup over George Yates of the San Francisco Warriors in this game played in February 1964 at the St. Louis Arena.

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