Pictures from the past in St. Louis sports…
Thursday February 25th 2021

Hawks Extras – 18

And in those programs the Hawk rookies were featured every year….just like baseball, ya need a scorecard to…well, you know… are the rookies that made the team in 1967….sadly, Tom Kron passed away in 2007…he was 62 years old….and my favorite player that season.

Hawks Extras – 17

The visiting team got it’s just due in every Hawk game program sold at Kiel….here’s one from 1966…

Hawks Extras – 16

And the Sports Voice of St. Louis…KMOX… carried the games year after exciting year….Buddy Blattner…Jerry Gross and for the final year (1968) Skip Carey…Cliff Hagan did color one year after his retirment…remember Bill Sharman doing it as well? And the late night games from San Fran…LA…and later San Diego and Seattle? The transistor radio buried under your pillow?????

Hawks Extras – 15

Ready for basketball, Hawk fans? Every year before a new season began, both the Post and Globe would feature a pre-season section on the team, complete with ticket info, schedule for home and away… and pictures of your favorite players. Good articles, too. Tell your kids there really was life before press guides and the internet…here’s the front page of the one that ran in the Post-Dispatch a week before the ’65-’66 season.

Hawks Extra – 14

Maybe you have one of Oscar Robertson’s instructional books….they were offered in Sport magazine for all of one dollar, which seems trivial today, but back in 1965 that was a week’s allowance (at least for me!) Worth it, tho, as it helped my game and what a thrill to have it come in the mail and see that The Big O himself had signed it…and yes, he did…I know it and so do you if you’re of that era…because that’s what athletes DID back then…true role models!

Hawks Extras – 13

This is the only picture I have of the late Jim Krebs…he’s number 32 of the Lakers, bending down to the left of coach Fred Schaus at the old Madison Square Garden. I wanted a photo of Jim in here to remember the Webster Groves High product who became an All-American at SMU in Dallas and played for six or seven years with the Lakers. He was only 29 years old and had retired just the previous spring when in May of 1965 he was killed in a tragic accident in southern California, where he had made his home with his wife and children. He was helping a neighbor cut down a tree when a tied down tree part snapped away from the cable and hit him in the head.

Hawks Extras – 12

It’s Wilt Chamberlain making NBA history….Friday, March 2nd, 1962….36 of 63 field goals, and for him a remarkable 28 for 32 from the stripe for a record (then and now) 100 points in a single game. On a missed shot by a teammate, Wilt was under the boards to put it back up and in for his final two points (shown here) with 29 seconds left on the clock….Final score…Philly 169…New York Knicks 147…Ritchie Guerin had 39 in that game for New York…I don’t care who plays who where…THAT will never happen again in the NBA!!

Hawks Extras – 11

Practice makes perfect, even for the pros….this photo ran in the “Pictures” section of the old Globe Democrat…that’s Harry Gallitan under the basket as the Hawks run a drill at the stage end of the floor at Kiel Auditorium….Pettit, Hagan, Wilkens, Beatty…and Mike Farmer, Phil Jordan…they’re all in there. I believe it’s from late 1964…No Allen Iverson’s on those teams back then…”I mean, come on, man, we’re talking about PRACTICE…not the games, but practice…I mean pra……”

Hawks Extras – 10

Cliff Hagan had a smooth jump shot, too…the Hawk’s Larry Faust looks on as Little Abner (Jerry Gross, again) puts up for two over…well, really, no one, but that’s Johnny ‘Red’ Kerr watching the Hawk forward in action.

Hawks Extras – 9

Jumpin’ Joe Caldwell again…his momentum carried him under the basket…but it’s good for two over Warrior center Nate Thurmond.

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