Pictures from the past in St. Louis sports…
Friday July 1st 2022

Blocked in neutral

NBA doubleheaders were not uncommon at New York’s Madison Square Garden in the 1960’s…so it was at this neutral site for the Hawks and Philadelphia 76’ers that Wilt Chamberlain goes high to block a shot in his team’s 107-98 victory over St. Louis on November 16, 1965…Wilt was busy elsewhere on the court that night, finishing with a game high 30 points……………

Take me out to the ballgame

The bleachers….Busch Stadium….Grand and Dodier….for a baseball fan in the early 60’s, it was like being in church……

“They’re here!!’

That was the rally cry that send youngsters running to the outdoor courts at various recreation and public parks anytime the Hawks van would show up on a hot summer afternoon or early evening in the early 1960’s….and out would step Cliff Hagan, Lennie Wilkens, Al Ferrari, Fred LaCouer, Clyde Lovellette and others…..the clinics usually lasted about an hour with an autograph session afterwards and everyone went home happy…and a better basketball player…at the time a community and public relations dream that bonded the team and the fans…brainstorm of Marty Blake, the forever Hawks PR Director and later Head of Scouting…an NBA genius……..

Buncha Hot Dogs!


To garner interest among youngsters for the inaugural season of 1960 in St. Louis, the Mayrose Franks Company inserted a card with every package of 12 weenies for the entire first season. If you have any of these (and there were more) consider it a collectors item as that promotion only lasted one year, but it got the jump on the Fleer and Topps people and trading them was a lotta fun. In three months around our house we had enough hot dogs to last the whole year…..

Yearbook Memories

From the Cardinals 1962 team yearbook……a must have for any fan, especially youngsters, in the early 60’s…..outside of Busch Stadium that season I got an autograph from each one of these four players…still have the baseball….fun stuff…..

Let’s play ‘Keep Away’

The Hawk’s Cliff Hagan with a ‘try and get it’ shot he once said he learned to perfect in the Air Force…something about flying high and protection and all that…anyway how’s this for 60’s type NBA scheduling….in this January 19th, 1963 game at Kiel, Hagan scored 21 points and the Hawks beat the San Francisco Warriors 116-114….the Hawks went home, the Warriors to a local hotel and both teams came back for a Sunday afternoon matchup at Kiel on January 20th…and the Hawks won 116-115!………. Warriors coulda phoned it in………

Hey, rough right now, but after today………..

Let’s go down the line…62 is Keith Wortman…64 Bob Young…..54 Mr. Tom Banks…35 Jim Otis….and on and on…..
None of them very happy, all cold late in the fourth quarter of a December 16, 1979 42-6 season ending loss in Chicago to the Bears….putting the finishing touch on a sad sack 5-11 season….oh, yeah, 16 degree wind chill factor all game………

Postcard from the past…

The Hawks and Boston Celtics on a popular St. Louis postcard dated 1961….a year later at Kiel the lanes and center circle were lightened to match the rest of the court and the baskets were upgraded compliments of the Medart company…but for the next 7 seasons, the excitement was the same….

C’mon…somebody smile

Well…. maybe it was the game face of the St. Louis Hawks, the all business look, that propelled the team to the 1961 NBA finals that year…Western Division Champs for the second straight time, the team got the brunt of it’s scoring from the front line known around the league and by Hawk’s fans as the ‘Big Three’…Center Clyde Lovellette and Forwards Cliff Hagan and Bob Pettit. Lennie Wilkens was a rookie (and bought a house in my neighborhood…big thrill for an 11 year old fan)…..Despite reaching the finals the year before, Owner Ben Kerner had made a coaching change, replacing hometown favorite Ed Macauley with Paul Seymour…the Hawks won a thrilling 7 game series with the LA Lakers to reach the Finals once again, and again lost to the Boston Celtics in 5 games…………

Sweet Lou up for two


Nicknamed “Sweet Lou” by Hawks broadcaster Jerry Gross for the smooth way a jumper left his hands and went down, Lou Hudson spent two years thrilling fans in St. Louis with a variety of shots and moves that made him one of the premier stars of the NBA. Here in this January 29th, 1967 game at Kiel, Lou gets two ahead of Philadelphia’s Matt Goukas in a 114-108 Hawk win over the eventual NBA Champion 76’ers. Sweet indeed, Hudson finished with 20 points.

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