Pictures from the past in St. Louis sports…
Tuesday August 9th 2022

Busch Stadium 1

Built in late 1881, Sportsmans Park was a mainstay at the corner of Grand and Dodier for 75 years on the city’s north side…..occupied by both the St. Louis Cardinals of the National League and St. Louis Browns of the American League. Of the two, the Cardinals enjoyed the most success, playing in 9 World Series and winning 7. However, Word War Two saw a legion of ballplayers in the service and the Browns took advantage of that to rise from the perianal cellar of the American League to win the pennant in 1944. And who did they meet in the World Series?…well, the Cardinals of course, giving St. Louis it’s one and only all city shootout, dubbed the ‘Streetcar Series’ playing on the method of transportation most fans would use to get to the game. The Cards took the Series in 6 games!

Sportsmans Park was renamed Busch Stadium when August A. Busch and the brewery bought the team in 1953….the last game was played there on May 8, 1966…the San Francisco Giants defeating the Cardinals by the score of 10-5…the great Willie Mays hit the last homerun in the ballpark….

It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words….hope these photos bring back the memory of the early 60’s and many a Saturday or Sunday afternoon with friends (or a night game with dad) at the greatest sports youth memory of mine and maybe yours too!!


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