Pictures from the past in St. Louis sports…
Sunday September 25th 2022

Cardinals – LA Dodgers

The Cardinals-LA Dodgers rivalry throughout the 1960’s was one of the best in baseball…from ’63 to ’68 each one three pennants and two World Series. The Redbirds had their hands full with the Dodgers starting rotation of Koufax, Drysdale, and this guy…lefty Johnny Podres. Sooo, off whom did Stan the Man hit his final career home run in 1963? Well…too easy…Johnny served up a fastball in the first game of that all important late September three game series at Busch…Stan go around on it and lofted it to the pavilion roof in right…..

…and waiting in the wings for the Dodgers ….Ron Perranoski, a true relief pitcher…not a set-up man, not a closer, a guy brought in to pitch when the starter got knocked outta the box…sometimes he went four or five innings in relief…and gave the Redbirds fits…and all the other teams in the NL as well.

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