Pictures from the past in St. Louis sports…
Wednesday February 1st 2023

Let’s go, boys…oh, yeah, I mean come on, let’s hustle out there men!!

After decades of coaching at Oklahoma, new Cardinal’s Head Coach Bud Wilkinson had to readapt some thinking in order to deal with the mentality of the NFL. Hired in 1978, he lasted just less than two years with Bill Bidwill, and was fired with three games left in the 1979 regular season, when he refused to honor Bidwill’s ‘invitation’ to bench quarterback Jim Hart and start Steve Pisarkiewicz in his place. St. Louis took to Wilkinson, however, and he to the city. While here he married a local woman 33 years his junior, who survives him in death today. He passed away from a series of strokes in 1994 and is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery in St. Louis County, all ties to his past life as a Sooner apparently severed.

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