Pictures from the past in St. Louis sports…
Wednesday February 1st 2023

O.J. has his day at Busch

It’s the final regular season home  game of the year…the Cardinals have beaten the San Francisco 49’ers by the score of 13-10…. and the second to last O.J. Simpson will ever play in the NFL…December 2nd, 1979…here he signs post-game for two of the Big Red Line…to this day, Simpson represents the only athletic figure whom, as an adult, I ever asked for an autograph…he signed my GameDay program in the locker room about a half hour after this pic was taken…after his mid 90’s and most recent troubles, I asked several memorabilia dealers around the country what the autograph might be worth…..the answer? absolutely nothing…na-da…zero…. the reason? it’s not a rare autograph..O.J., I was told, signed for everybody…..well, obviously….. 

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