Pictures from the past in St. Louis sports…
Tuesday August 9th 2022

Kiel – 1

I was able to get these inside shots of Kiel Auditorium during the last basketball game ever played there…1991..the final game of the Missouri Valley Conference tourney….might have been ’92 but it was the last go round….the overhead clock had been changed, and the lanes were again colored in blue for the Billikens, but other than that it was the exact same Kiel  that you and I went to in the late ’50’s and all through the 1960’s. The stage end where the players came out for pre-game warmup…the long walk up the corrider to the balcony seats….you’d pass the Mezzinane (?) entrance on your way up and see the opening to your left..your first glimpse of the teams warming up (“we’ve got balcony seats, but do you think we can scoot by that usher?”)

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