Pictures from the past in St. Louis sports…
Wednesday February 1st 2023

Football Cardinals – 1

Before there was Marshall Faulk…or even O.J. Anderson…the go to running back for the early 60’s Big Red was none other than John David Crow…big number 44…Crow played for the Cardinals from 1960 to 1965, when he was traded to the San Fransisco 49’ers where he had two productive seasons before calling it quits. John David was my favorite player as a youngster and once even saved me from being hit by a car. The Cardinals many times were forced to practice at the old Fairgrounds Park and I was there often…in ’61, I was 11 years old and ran out, or at least started to run out into the street to retrieve a football that had bounced away from Crow…he pulled me back when he saw a car coming down the street…’Whoa, partner” he said, “gotta be careful”…I asked if I could keep the ball….he wasn’t THAT accommodating !!! Nice guy, tho….and the first Cardinal running back star.

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