Pictures from the past in St. Louis sports…
Sunday January 17th 2021

Hawks Extras – 2

Jumpin’ Joe Caldwell…Pogo Joe, so labled by Hawks play-by-play broadcaster Jerry Gross. Joe was an integral part of the Hawks offense, coming from the Detroit Pistons before the 1965 season. In four seasons in St. Louis, he averaged in double figures and was usaully the spark that got a rally underway late in the game when the team needed it most. Personally, one of my favorites… .. .simply because he spent a great deal of time working with me at the Concordia Seminary in the summers of 1966 and ’67. Joe was an instructor at Coach Pete Pederson’s annual summer camp for high school players, and I got a lot of one-on-one from this outstanding pro. It certainly made me, and others, I’m sure, a better all around basketball player.

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